Trading Strategy Development

  • From concept to implementation I will assist you in the difficult task of translating your strategy from an idea to code.
  • Once coded I will collaborate with you to iteratively and rigorously test your strategy.
  • During the process I will plainly communicate any nuances, hidden dangers, and limitations of the strategy and its implementation.

Quantconnect and Quantopian Platform Expert

  • I specialize in strategy implementation and backtesting using the aforementioned professional grade research and testing platforms.
  • Let me deal with the platform structures, intricacies, and tech support saving you time, energy and frustration.

Predictive Modeling

  • Predictive Modeling aka Machine Learning or Statistical Learning is a set of techniques to extract useful information from data, generally for the purposes of prediction.
  • I specialize in understanding your problem set, and applying the appropriate modeling tools for your objective.
  • I utilize current best practices for model research, testing, selection, and validation.
  • I can help you understand the tradeoff between interpretability and results.
  • I can help your team understand how to maximize the model's output in real life.

  • From local filesystems to databases to API's I specialize in extracting and aggregating data.
  • I have experience with many different systems, schemas, data types, and protocols.
  • I can also implement your requirements for data cleansing once collected.
  • Handling these data issues are a major time sink. Let me take care of the dirty work saving you time and energy.

Automated Data Extraction and Aggregation

  • Experienced data visualization
  • From simple to complex graphs and plots
  • Experience with multiple visualization tools including:
    • Static: Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotnine
    • Interactive: Plotly, Dash, Gephi

Visualization and Reporting

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