BlackArbs is a business dedicated to using fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis tools to identify and exploit risk-reward asymmetries in the market. It is headed by me, Brian Christopher, CFA. As an independent professional investor and researcher with real money at risk, my perspectives, and reports are aligned with real investors; being that my goal is consistent profit maximization with below market volatility. My passion for this game, the global financial markets, is absolute. There is no plan B, it's sink or swim and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Mission

Maximize return on invested capital from the perspective of a principal investor. 

The Process

To achieve this goal BlackArbs focuses on two methodologies to generate investment ideas, research, and trades. 

  1. Fundamental understanding of the investment on a historical and current basis. This means digging into the guts of the industry or firm to find out how it operates, its economic health, and its ability to create value
  2. Applied quantitative methods. Simply put, this is the practice and study of using mathematics to analyze economic and/or price series data, for purposes of generating event probabilities and trading strategies.

The Result

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