What I'm Watching ( Week of 12-8-14 )

How long does equity optimism last without correction?

Over the weekend I examined the market internals and came away mildly bearish at these levels. Extreme optimism and lack of participation among the broad indexes make this a week ripe for profit taking and I've been aggressive with my trailing stops etc during the last 2 trading sessions. 

When will OIL finally bounce? Have investors finally capitulated?

I'm short oil via the Inverse ETF SCO ( wish I had more size ) however this has been a profitable position ever since OPEC's decision not to lower production targets. Clearly this is an example of geopolitics setting up incredible trade opportunities. However the contrarian value hunter in me knows the devastation in energy producers' stocks is likely a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. There are plenty of firms out there able to produce at a profit even in today's low oil price environment. I will be looking to rotate into those as soon as it's prudent to do so. 

If you bought SCO the day after the OPEC decision you would be sitting on an approximate 17% gain based on today's levels!