Sector ETF Valuation Using the Implied Cost of Capital (ICC) Model

This post is part of a series examining the ICC model's use as a valuation tool. I first introduced the topic in this post, where  I outlined the following:

  • how I calculate the ICC formula for use in this sector ETF relative valuation model
  • my assumptions for the model
  • expected model output and sanity check
  • why and how I use the model results to enhance my investing

Recently I expanded on the subject by detailing the Python code I use to run the analysis along with my interpretations of the output from the model.  For detailed coding/quant analysis I will be using the IPython Notebook and NBviewer to distribute and share the code. Unfortunately, (my current host) doesn't have a good way to show the IPython notebook, so I will post the link to my research with a screenshot below. Take a look and as always I can be contacted @blackarbsCEO for feedback.