The Return


It's been a while since I've updated the blog and with good reason. Like any worthwhile  business the foundation on which it's built must be thoroughly researched, well planned, and ruthlessly executed. With that in mind, I've been away building other pieces of the foundation which I will be unveiling over the next week or so. Be on the lookout for the upcoming BlackArbs flagship product titled the "iVC Report" (Identify Value Creators). This report is designed to assist retail and professional investors in their investment decisions by clearly identifying firms that create or destroy shareholder value.

The premise is simple; firms that create value always increase in value. Both sophisticated and unsophisticated investors are often confused about how to identify those stocks and as a result often make buy/sell decisions based on financial news media (awful), sell-side analysts (conflicts of interest), or their "gut" (erratic, emotion based). This report will help you cut through the profit destroying nonsense and provide the framework to improve the quality of your investment portfolio.

I will also be adding detailed valuation models as an add-on product in the next few weeks to further fortify the iVC report and BlackArbs' product offerings.

Also take note, I practice what I preach and use the iVC reports in all my investment decisions which has lead to risk adjusted outperformance compared to the S&P 500 over the last 2.5 quarters. As a result, I'm in the midst of constructing a core portfolio based entirely on my iVC reports and valuation process that I will update, track, and post so my current readers and prospective clients can follow along and see the results in real time.